Asociația “Pași către tine”

Zona Piața Victoriei, Sector 1


Our Association “Steps to You” believes that each person has the capacity to make positive changes in his own life, with every step he takes towards himself.

What do we propose?
-to support those seeking psychological assistance by offering specific therapeutic interventions and adapted to the needs of each person
-to organize professional development / training courses for specialists in order to understand the issues of posttraumatic stress and the consequences of stress (sensu- stricto)
-Promote a new approach in healing trauma and increasing resilience.

How do we succeed?

Our team is convinced that mental health is the basis for physical and emotional security. We offer specialized help in the awareness, processing and healing of trauma.

What are our goals?

along with guild colleagues from countries like Ger‍many, Sp‍ain, USA and Brazil, we have started collaborations to investigate the causes and effects of trauma provide a training framework for professionals who want to understand the effects of trauma and how to cure them.

What are our values?

We believe that through engagement, effort and passion, the results of our work with ourselves can gain value. Honesty, dignity, knowledge, responsibility and respect are the basis of relationships that will lead to constructive and qualitative results.


EASE - European Association Somatic Experiencing
Jacob Obrechtstraat 88 hs Amsterdam 1071 KR The Netherlands

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