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    Anne Janzen is a licensed body therapist and Rolfer in private practice since 1997. Since finishing the Somatic Experiencing Professional Training in 2004, she has assisted SE® trainings with several SE® faculty members and deepened her understanding of SE® in several Post-Advanced SE® courses with Peter A. Levine, Heike Gattnar, Kathy Kain and other SE® faculty members. She joined the European SE® faculty body in 2014. Anne provides private client sessions and supervision for students of Somatic Experiencing.   – more

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    Doris Rothbauer is a licensed psychotherapist working as a teacher and trainer in different countries as well as in private practice in Munich for more than 20 years. She started training with Peter Levine in 1998, deepened her understanding in many years of assistance and clinical practice, and is now part of SETI faculty teaching SE® trainings in Germany and other European countries. Originally trained in communication and cognitive psychology, also holding a trainer certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming (Dr. Christina Hall), she used to teach professional workshops for social institutions in leadership, teambuilding, communication, conflict resolution and self-management skills. For her clinical education she studied Ericksonian Hypnosis (Ernest Rossi, Jeffrey Zeig), body-oriented psychotherapy, attachment theory and developmental psychology. She also completed the educational training in NARM (Dr. Lawrence Heller) as well as in Neuroaffective Developmental Psychology (Dr. Susan Hart and Marianne Bentzen). In both these fields she is supervising and conducting introductory workshops Her personal and professional stance to life is grounded in meditation and awareness practice. As SE® teacher her focus is on creating an environment that inspires people to venture into new learning territory with alertness, curiosity and joy and thus supporting social engagement and connection. – more

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    Dr. phil. Urs Honauer (CH) is the director of the Polarity Center and the Center for Inner Ecology in Zürich, Switzerland. He is also the founder of the Learning Festival in Weggis and the originator of the communication model “Authentic Communication” (AK) which he also teaches himself. He has long been involved in adult education and has taught among others in trainings like Somatic Experiencing (SE)®, Polarity, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In his private practice he works with people of all ages (from infants to senior citizens). He holds a Master’s degree in psychology, education and journalism and a doctorate in the field of social education at the University of Zurich; Masters in Psychosocial Trauma at the Psychiatric Polyclinic of the University of Zurich. Studies in Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Balancing with Dr. John Beaulieu in New York, Prenatal- and Birth Therapy with Dr. Ray Castellino, Process-Oriented psychology with Dr. Arnold Mindell, and Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter A. Levine. – more

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    Trained in family therapy, cognitive psychotherapy, Gestalt-oriented body psychotherapy, and other bodywork and energetic methods. She uses SE® as an integrating force to blend these different approaches and tools to support people in their healing process. Her interest in body, movement and dance and the quality of body awareness and SE-touch combine with verbal approaches to create a profound way to help people. She creates an atmosphere for learning that is supporting the embodiment of the principles of SE® and helps to develop the capacity for social engagement and wholeness Elfriede has a diplom in psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist in behavioral therapy, she works in a private practice together with her husband in Rottenburg, a little town in the South of Germany. She was member of the board of EASE. Since she has come in contact with SE®, as one of the first little group of SE-students in Germany, she has assisted Peter Levine and other SE® teachers for many years in Switzerland and Germany to help spread SE® in Europe. She teaches the SE® professional training in Germany. – more

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    Itta Wiedenmann earned her master degree in cultural and social sciences at the university in Hamburg, Germany. For over 25 years, she has worked in private practice as a licensed bodytherapist. Itta Wiedenmann is trained in PhysioTherapy/PT, Osteopathy, Craniosacraltherapy, Feldenkrais Method, Hakomi, Family Constellation Work, and Somatic Experiencing. She is also experienced in teaching groups in different fields, offering trainings and workshops in techniques of awareness and stress management. Itta is a founding member of both, the the German SE Association (SE Deutschland e.V.) and was chairwoman till 2005. Being faculty member of the SE Trauma Institute she teaches SE Professional Trainings since 2005 internationally (Austria, Germany, Czech Republik Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Israel) . She is co-founder and director of training of the Institut for NeuroTracking® in Munich. – more

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    Michel Schittecatte is a Belgian PhD Psychiatrist consulting at the Erasmus University Hospital of Brussels and in private practice in Paris. He also teaches a course on victimology at the University of Brussels. He previously worked as head of a psychiatric hospital in Belgium. He specialized in sleep disorders and published many physiological and pharmacological studies in world-renowned journals He started training in Somatic Experiencing in 2004 in Holland. Then he assisted several SE® trainers in Belgium, France and Switzerland. He was mentored as a SE®-trainer by Dominique Desgranges and Larry Heller. Michel has translated three books of Peter Levine and one of Larry Heller in French and made them be edited. In 2009, he co-founded the Association of French speaking SEP (APFSE). Michel co-founded in 2013 a training institute (CEFoRT) in Paris, aiming to promote SE® in France. He started teaching the first year of SE® training in France and Belgium in 2016. His wish is to bring SE® to French speaking therapists in their mother language. – more

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    Ursula Funke-Kaiser – Germany

    She studied law and worked as a judge for several years before she underwent extensive training in body and breath therapy, art therapy and followed her interest in Jungian psychotherapy. She is certified as a healing practitioner for psychotherapy. After she met Dr. Peter Levine her professional life focused on trauma therapy with Somatic Experiencing. Having worked with Dr. Levine in trainings in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Israel she is faculty member and teaches SE® in Germany. She was member of the Board of the German Association of Somatic Experiencing and her special interest lies in bringing SE® forward in the health system. In Stuttgart she runs a private practice as she finds it especially useful to work with own clients when teaching SE®. She is first chairwoman of an association, which runs a family counseling center and a unit for professional trainings in psychotherapy. She finished the Nondual Teacher and Therapist Training of Peter Fenner and is member of the European Association of Body-Psychotherapists. Last but not least she is mother of three grown-up children. – more

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    Ursula Fürstenwald – Germany

    Ursula Fürstenwald is a psychologist accredited by the Danish Psychologists Association as a specialist in psychotherapy and psychotraumatology. In addition, she is trained in system-oriented family therapy, and in Energy and Consciousness which is a mixture of Bioenergetics and Core Energetics. Before entering private practice in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003, Ursula worked for10 years with children and families as a school psychologist and then for another 10 years with severely traumatized refugees at a treatment and counselling centre for traumatized refugees. After she became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) in 2003, she has participated in and assisted at the post-advanced workshops offered by different SE® faculty members in DK as well as assisting Peter Levine’s post advanced workshops in Switzerland for many years. As a senior assistant for SE professional trauma trainings, she has assisted in Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa and Greece. She co-organizes Somatic Experiencing (SE)® trainings and workshops in Denmark and Greece and was on the board of the SE® professional association in Denmark for 6 years. In Denmark, Ursula has been presenting 3-day introductions to SE® since 2006. She has participated in outreach programs with Raja Selvam in India and training programs for psychotherapists and counsellors in India and Sri Lanka. In working with symptoms of shock as well as developmental traumas in clients from different cultures, Ursula sees her current clinical approach as primarily SE® based, but enriched by all of her prior trainings. She became faculty member in 2013. – more