EASE Office

Beatrice Biesel
Kasparstr. 20-22
50670 Köln

Tel +49 – 221 – 9229 1749

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EASE Board

Chair: Kari Elise Slinning

Board Members:

Marinka Gattnar
Urs Rentsch
representing the Trainers

Kirsten Fahrenkrog
Kari Elise Slinning
representing the Associations

Frank Vestergaard Olsen
Su Messerschmidt-Mount
representing the Organizers

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Ethics Committee:

Christel Segander

Email Adress:

European Organizer Task Force (EOTF)

Frank Vestergaard Olsen (Denmark)
Beatrice Biesel (Germany)
Su Messerschmidt-Mount (Germany)
Martha Ułaszewska-Żuk (Poland)
Didem Ceylak (Turkey)
Marlene Barosso (Portugal)

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