About EASE

EASE was founded in February 2011.
At present EASE has 40 members, where members are Trainers, National Associations and Organizers of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® in Europe.

EASE pursues the following goals:

  • To broaden and deepen the knowledge of SE in Europe.

  • To act as a platform for promotion, communication and support of SE in the professional social and healthcare communities.

  • To support and promote cooperation amongst its members: European SE Trainers; National SE Associations representing the SE Practitioners in Europe; and Organizers of SE trainings in Europe.

  • To embody and express the values of respect, transparency and deep democracy.

EASE currently has a Board of 5 people, and a variety of Sub Committees focused on areas such as Standards, Ethics, SE Research, and Outreach Programs.


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