Somatic Experiencing Trainings

Participants of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® Trainings come from diverse backgrounds such as: psychology; psychotherapy; social work; naturopathy; bodywork such a massage, osteopathy, cranial sacral therapy, chiropractic; physical therapy such as occupational health and physiotherapy; nursing; medicine; clergy, etc.

ll applicants are required to be a member of a professional and regulatory body with a code of ethics and disciplinary procedure, and to have an active practice. Exceptions are made for students of a recognised therapeutic training, or internship programmes with faculty advisors. A prerequisite for acceptance onto the 3 year SE Training is participation in a 2/3-day SE Introductory Workshop.

All applicants proceed with the understanding that the SE Training is designed to train professionals in helping clients deal with trauma and is not intended to be a personal self-help course. However, due to the nature and depth of this work, participants are advised that personal trauma may be triggered during the training.

The complete SE Training consists of three levels across 3 years: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced, where each level consists of 12 days, i.e. 36 days in total.

To obtain a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Certificate, the following additional requirements must be met during the 3 year training:

  • Personal SE Sessions: 12 – 16 hours of Personal SE sessions, (depending on National specifics); and
  • SE Case Consultations: 18 hours to include both individual and group sessions

All need to be received from approved session Providers, (Assistants, Senior Assistants and Trainers).