European Association for Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing® (SE®), founded by Dr. Peter A. Levine, is a science-based approach to physical and psychological symptoms of stress, shock and trauma. It works with the body’s natural self-regulating systems.
The European Association for Somatic Experiencing, abbreviated EASE, supports the SE® approach on the European level through : the Trainers of SE®; the National Associations representing the SE® Practitioners (SEPs); and the Organizers offering SE® Trainings. more

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 “How I came to believe my migraines were the result of childhood trauma”. Written by Jill Richardson on Alternet, this article cites Peter Levine and his book “In An Unspoken Voice”.

 Additional articles dealing with SE®: a corrigendum to the original article titled “SE: using interception and proprioception as core elements of healing trauma”.

About EASE

EASE is an umbrella organization providing a focal point for European Trainers, Organizers and Associations of SE® (representing SEPs). It coordinates European SE® activities, helps to establish and monitor guidelines and assists national Associations and Organizers to spread SE® throughout Europe. more…

Our Members

Members of EASE are the Trainers of SE® living and working in Europe; the National Associations of SEPs in Europe, (and thus indirectly the individual practitioners practicing SE® who are members of their National SE® Association), and the National Organizers of SE® Trainings in Europe.

Videos about SE®

Videos explaining some aspects of SE® and how it can be applied to different situations.