SE Ukraine Task Force

In the face of the escalating crisis associated with the war in Ukraine, we all find ourselves in a situation of great insecurity and vulnerability. This applies not only directly to our physical and emotional integrity, but also to many aspects of social, economic and political life.

We offer this materials to all SEPs, who are dealing with the humanitarian crisis associated with the war in Ukraine. The materials were created on the basis of cooperation between SEI and EASE and are freely available to you.

We come to turn the tide 

to reorient, nourish and heal


Flag Ukraine


All SEP´s are very welcome to join our SEUTF Co-regulation & Resilience Connection Meeting – every Tuesday 19:00-20:30/21:00 CEST on this link

NEW! There is a list of volunteers for supporting helpers and refugees. You can find your support here. CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! PLEASE, COME AND JOIN US!  List of volunteer opportunities you can find here.


We are so happy that you can read our newsletter.



HERE you can find materials in many languages (working with stress, children, communities, SCOPE materials etc.). You are very welcome to use it!

We welcome your support, we are very grateful for your engagement.