EmotionAid®(flyers+video for children)

The concept of Emotional First Aid is the vision of Gina Ross, who also founded ITI, the International Trauma Institute, in the US and in Israel. Emotional First Aid, or EFA as it used to be called was born from both a passion and a mission. The passion for the healing potential of Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the mission to make those tools available to all sectors of the population.

The current EmotionAid® protocol is the result of years of field work with thousands of people, professionals from the mental health, education,first respondents, business  and medical sectors and the public at large. Our challenge : make sure our trainees acquire the tools of EmotionAid®, the 5 steps, and actually use them. It was designed by local Israeli team, more information you can find here.

Protocols of 5 Steps EmotionAid® in different languages and videos with 5 Steps for children you can find here.