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GRAPHIC NOVEL “I CAN” from Imke Hansen

We appreciate the amazing Graphic Novel about the SE approach made by Imke Hansen. You are very welcome to share with all they need it. Graphic-Novel-I-can-Ukrainian Graphic-Novel-I-can-Russian Graphic-Novel-I-can-English

Telehelp Ukraine is seeking volunteers!

Are you a licensed MD, Psychologist or Social Worker? TELEHELP UKRAINE is seeking volunteer MDs, Psychologists, and Social Workers to provide telemedicine appointments for Ukrainians affected by the war. Watch this Session, which focused on recruiting providers within the SE community. Telehelp Ukraine is a new telemedicine initiative that was started by students of Stanford University in April 2022. Learn …

Alé Duarte Webinar (video)

Schools In Tune: Group Self-Regulation Processes for Returning to School Amidst Extreme Uncertainty, Facilitated by Alé Duarte As this new school year begins with uncertainty for many affected by the war in Ukraine and beyond, learn how to assess and respond to group energetic thresholds to avoid overwhelm and regain group coherence in our classrooms and homes. This free webinar …

Dr. Peter Levine and Dr. Abi Blakeslee – The Threat of War and Somatic Rebalancing (video hosted by Amie Leigh)

Dr. Stephen Porges, the author of the Polyvagal Theory – Interview with SE Ukraine Task Force (video)


ENG Restoring feelings of safety and stability Sonia Gomes & Stephen Porges (video)

In the very first week of the war in Ukraine & crisis in Europe, seeing the need and deciding to be part of the solution as soon as possible, our Senior International Trainer Sonia Gomes & Polish Organizer Marta Ułaszewska-Żuk have collaborated in creating an educative video that can help you to find a little more ease and more regulation …

Maggie Kline: Tutorial For Trauma Picture Book (video+book)

The Trauma Picture Book has been created for refugee parents and caregivers and is based on the book Trauma Proofing Your Kids by Peter Levine and Maggie Kline. Our aim was to present simple, yet professional information about trauma and about how parents and caregivers can support the children without specialists whom there might be a lack of. This project …

The Gingerbread Person: A Therapeutic Tool for Children With Maggie Kline (video)

The Gingerbread Person: A Therapeutic Tool for Children With Maggie Kline Learn a simple, yet effective, tool to help children describe sensations and feelings when they are in distress. This tool can help children learn to express themselves in a safe and meaningful way and help them find safety in the moment. In this 45-minute tutorial video, Maggie takes you …

Working with Ukrainian Clients “An online webinar presented by Dr. phil. Imke Hansen on May 18, 2022

This recently recorded lecture orients SEPs and anyone responding to the war in Ukraine to better understand potential sensitivities and triggers when working with Ukrainian refugees. About Imke Hansen: A scholar of Eastern European history and a SEP, Dr. phil. Imke Hansen has over 20 years of experience in interviewing survivors of war and violence. Since 2015, she has been …

Ariel Giarretto Hungary Emotional First Aid (video)

In the very first weeks of the war in Ukraine, as many refugees were reaching the neighbouring countries, and many helpers have mobilised to reach out to the women and the children, another Senior International Trainer of SE Ariel Giarretto, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Elsbeth Horbaty and our Hungarian Organizer Eszter Kovacs (SEP) joined forces urgently and organised three educative …