GRAPHIC NOVEL “I CAN” from Imke Hansen

We appreciate the amazing Graphic Novel about the SE approach made by Imke Hansen. You are very welcome to share with all they need it. Graphic-Novel-I-can-Ukrainian Graphic-Novel-I-can-Russian Graphic-Novel-I-can-English

Maggie Kline: Tutorial For Trauma Picture Book (video+book)

The Trauma Picture Book has been created for refugee parents and caregivers and is based on the book Trauma Proofing Your Kids by Peter Levine and Maggie Kline. Our aim was to present simple, yet professional information about trauma and about how parents and caregivers can support the children without specialists whom there might be a lack of. This project …

Healing with fairytales: A free webinar presented by Ana do Valle (video)

Ana do Valle is a licensed and registered mental health occupational therapist who has been working and practicing in the field of trauma and self-regulation for 38 years. She holds a private practice in Boulder, CO (USA) and collaborates with many organizations, including Somatic Experiencing International, The Polyvagal Institute, and Unyte. This webinar will introduce the therapeutic elements of storytelling …

From Therapy to Prevention: What can we do to promote the health of those arriving and those caring for them? (video+manual)

This is very interesting lecture from Dr. Gisela Perren- Klingler, psychiatrist and author of the books “Psychical Health and Catastrophes” and “Resource Work in Refugee Aid” from the Institute Psychotrauma Switzerland. The original video you can watch here. The Manual for Parents and Teachers from Unicef Helping Children Cope with the Stresses of War you can find here.

EmotionAid®(flyers+video for children)

The concept of Emotional First Aid is the vision of Gina Ross, who also founded ITI, the International Trauma Institute, in the US and in Israel. Emotional First Aid, or EFA as it used to be called was born from both a passion and a mission. The passion for the healing potential of Somatic Experiencing (SE), and the mission to make …